Georg & Maria Jakisch 
Lena Plank


Altmannsdorfer Straße 259
A-1230 Wien
0664 1006275

Falco vom Brigittenauer Forst
(Norcis Mouseketeer x Hilldamar Classy Act)
2 x Jugendbester
CACA IHA Graz 2005
CACA CSS Stift Rein 2005


 Dialynne Tolliver of Tragband

Soloman of Dialynne 

Dialynne Gamble
Kittoch Garland

Tragband Sweet Bird of Youth 

Dialynne Nimrod of Ramlacim
Too Darn Hot for Tragband

 Norcis Carpediem

Norcis The Fisher King 

Sentinel of Dialynne
Norcis Odile

 Norcis Poosie Nansie

Deanery Brigand
Norcis Odile

 Nangunyah Smokescreen

Tragband Summer and Smoke 

Dialanne Nimrod of Ramlacim
Too Darn Hot for Tragband

 Bayhound So Sassy

Nangunyah Double Bunga
Manabay Love Match

Hilldamar O So Classy 

 Nangunyah Special Issue

Nangunyah Yeodler
Bayhound So Sassy

 Hilldamar Make My Day

Kramner Kraka Jackpot
Pinefield Vivacous